Service de traduction


Is your French translation sending the right message?

ACFO of London-Sarnia Bilingual Services Centre (BSC) strives to offer high-quality bilingual services at a low cost. As a resource centre for all organizations in the region, the BSC, through its qualified translators and bilingual consultants, provides a wide array of services.


We translate for government, agencies, associations, and private sectors companies. All documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We translate from English to French or French to English, and work in different computer environments, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and HTML.

Our translators are highly qualified, hold translation degrees, and always strive for quality.


Our services are tailored to all your translation needs:

- correspondence (letters, business cards, etc.);

- publicity (brochures, flyers, ads, web pages);

- financial documents (reports, statements, etc.);

- administrative documents (reports and minutes, records, guidelines, etc.);

- educational documents (manuals, training handbooks, etc.);

- and all other technical documents.


ACFO de London-Sarnia also offers:

French assessment

For various companies and call centres; over the phone or on site


Our highly qualified translators review every document translated at the Bilingual Services Centre. You can also rely on us to review texts that are already translated or were originally written in French.


To ensure quality and authenticity, the translators follow up on all their translations. They also proofread any document that is to be printed and any ad copies that will run in newspapers and other publications.


The BSC is a London-based service, working for the residents of the region. The BSC’s staff is readily available to meet with you in order to answer all questions you may have or to provide any information you may need.

Tel.: (519) 850-2236 or